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Pre-Dance 3 years old | Kindergarten 4-5 years old | Level 1 5-7 years old | Level 2 7-9 years old | Level 3 10-12 years old | Teen 13+


4-4:45 PM
Level 1 Ballet, Miss Alexa

5:30-6:30 PM
Level 3 Ballet, Miss Stefanie
Teen Modern, Miss Alexa

6:30-7:30 PM
Teen Ballet, Miss Stefanie
Level 3 Modern, Miss Alexa

7:30-8:30 PM
Adult Ballet, Miss Stefanie




3:30-4:15 PM
Pre-Dance, Miss Alexa 

4:30-5:15 PM
Level 1/2 Jazz Tap, Miss Alexa 

5-6 PM
Level 3/Teen Tap, Miss Carolyn


4:15-5 PM
Pre-Dance, Miss Alexa

6-7 PM
 Level 2 Jazz, Miss Alexa



4-5 PM
Level 2 Ballet, Miss Carolyn
Kindergarten Ballet/Tap, Miss Alexa

5-6 PM
Level 3/Teen Ballet, Miss Alexa

6-7 PM
Level 3/Teen Jazz, Miss Alexa


10:15-11:15 AM
Kindergarten Ballet/Tap, Miss Alexa


Schedule subject to change.
Private lessons by appointment only.
Contact the Artistic Director if you have a question about level placement.

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Pre-Dance is for our youngest dancers, ages 2.5-3. This 45-minute class allows students to explore their creativity with a combination of basic ballet technique and imaginative play. The focus is on body part recognition, spatial awareness, and development of fine motor skills. Small class sizes allow dancers to benefit from direct attention from their instructor. All Pre-Dance classes are taught by the Artistic Director, Alexa Astarita, who has specific training in working with the very young dancer.

Kindergarten Combo

Kindergarten Combo classes are for dancers ages 4-5. This hour long class incorporates both ballet and tap technique. Dancers are introduced to basic tap and ballet vocabulary in an engaging, age appropriate way. Individual responsibility is encouraged (tying their own shoes, going across the floor solo) as well as being part of the group (holding hands in a circle, dancing with a partner). 


Ballet classes are taught by our qualified instructors, all of whom have specific university-level training. Students will work at the barre, in center, and across the floor to develop muscular strength, musical timing, and spatial awareness. With a huge focus on anatomical awareness, our ballet teachers guide their students towards an empowering knowledge of their body. Our goal in our ballet program is not perfection, but rather progression. Ballet is the essential foundation to all other styles of dance.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement classes serve as an introduction to Modern Dance. Students ages 6-9 will learn about floorwork, turns, and jumps while focusing on the three elements of dance: space, time, and energy. Through improvisational activities, students will develop their individual movement styles and will be given the opportunity to choreograph their own dance phrases. Creative Movement dancers will also begin to discuss dance through a more artistic lens.


Modern builds upon foundational ballet technique, but expands into bigger, freer movement phrases. Dancers will discover use of their spines, a head-tail connection, inversions, and floorwork, and will be encouraged to develop their artistic style through individual and group work. Our Modern program is centered in Limon and Horton technique, but students will be exposed to a broad range of styles within the Modern framework. 


Jazz classes are centered around upbeat, fast-paced movement! The Jazz dancer will learn about isolations, leaps and turns, weight shifts, and more advanced rhythmic structures such as triplets. Students will be asked to demonstrate both subtle and bold movement, encouraging a sense of artistry and performative expression. Our jazz program also focuses on muscular strength and development, so conditioning exercises will be a part of each class.

Musical Theater

Our Musical Theater classes are taught by Carolyn Bonaccorsi, who has a focused degree in performative studies. Musical Theater students will add on to their jazz technique with a theatrical twist, learning how to incorporate acting and singing to hone their Broadway-bound skills.


Tap is a great way for our dancers to develop fine motor skills while executing precise, focused steps. Musicality is extremely important to the tap dancer, and students will learn how to recognize and riff off of challenging rhythmic sequences while complementing the music and the other dancers in the space.